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Topic 1. About myself

Hello there!

This is my first topic on wordpress.com. Today I will tell you about myself. Who am I? Where am I? Why do I write all of this?

It is 22-34 now. I am very tired. It is time to go to bed. But today I have promised my friend from Bulgaria to write my first topic on wordpress.com and here I am.

I am so sorry if I make any mistakes because I am not English and I am not even American. I am from Russia.

I know that you have heard a lot of news about our country, maybe a lot of bad news. Some of them is right but some of them is false. I will tell about everything later.

Today I will tell you about myself.

My first name is Alexandr. You can also call me Sasha or Alex. My last name is Solovyev. So you can also call me Solovey (This is my nickname through my life. By the way, ‘solovey’ in Russia is ‘nightingale’ in English. So my nickname in English is nightingale. It is funny.) I am from a village called Kanukovo near Volgograd. Have you heard about city called Volgograd (It was called Stalingrad 30-40 years ago)? I will also tell you about that city.

I do not know how to insert pictures here but I  will learn it.

So…I am 25 years old. Now I live in a town called Volzhsky. It is also near Volgograd. (About that town I also will tell you later). I live in a flat. It has three rooms, a kitchen. a bathroom, a den, two hallways and a balcony. I live with my father. My mother died when she was 52. It is awful.

I want to tell you about myself generally and in the next topics I will write about other topics more.

I graduated from building’ university and now I go to financial university. I have a girlfriend. Her name is Julie or Juliya.

Also I am working in a building company. We redecorate apartments, build small houses and so on. It is very interesting for me but I have one dream.

I like languages. No. I love languages very much. I did not like language until I was 23. Actually, I hated them. But now I have changed my mind. I love languages very much. I like English, German, Swedish, Spanish and Chinese. I want to learn all of these during my life. Now I have been learning English since last year. I think my progress is very good. I can write texts like that, I can watch TV, cinema in English and so on. But I need to learn it like Russian so I am starting my blog on wordpress.

By the way, how can I call wordpress? In Russia I write on livejournal.com and we can say that is my blog. Can I say wordpress is my blog in English?

I have found a lot of friends who can speak English. I want you to review my topics. I want to talk with you maybe on skype, maybe email, I do not know. If you are interested in my first topic I will answer you. This is very interesting to learn English.

Thank you. Good night.

PS What do you want me to write in my second topic? About Myself or my apartment, about my hobbies or Volgograd, about Volzhsky or Russian’ money, about Russia or Politics, about Sport or Music, maybe you want me to tell about anything else? Tell me and I will try to write that.



Comments on: "Topic 1. About myself" (7)

  1. Well done Alex, I am very pleased that you have made the effort and that you did it so well.
    it will take a time before many people start to read your blog but do not get disappointed. Always be cheerful, I will always read your blogs.
    There are a couple of grammatical errors but nothing really bad.
    I am sure that this will be a good way for you to practise your English writing and reading,
    Best of Luck my dear friend
    love P

  2. […] My Russian friend Alex has been learning English for about two years. He is very determined to get it right. I have been helping to review his work on the Livemocha site which is for learning languages.https://solovey99.wordpress.com/2011/05/17/topic-1-about-myself/ […]

  3. Hello Alex.
    Welcome to WordPress.
    There are a lot of nice people here but it does take time to make friends.
    The best way is to visit other people’s blogs and leave comments.
    Your English is excellent.
    My grandmother was from Russia.

  4. Hello Alex! Great job on your first post! Do not be discouraged in your writing by making any mistakes…I make them all the time! 🙂

    • Hello! Thank you 🙂 Mistakes are not so good but we can not write without them because it is a real life with our mistakes 🙂

      have a good day

  5. misswhiplash said:

    ok I had another read..4th paragraph..Some of it is right but some is false. I will tell you about everything later

    I want to write about myself and then I will progress on to other topics.

    But i need to be able to speak English and write English as I do in Russian..fluently

    By the way do I call it wordpress or just ‘my blog’ (this bit was very confusing and I am not sure what you were trying to say) I have a general idea but I cannit think of how to pohrase it…

    A few mistakes Alex but nothing to worry about, you cannot be perfect overnight. It all takes time, so we carry on learning together.

    love Px

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